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About Us

 I am Andy Kollar of Kollar Racing Products. Some of you know me as “Duckman”. I have been in and out of the automotive parts industry for thirty years. I worked in foreign cars parts when it required a specialist, dealerships including Subaru, Datsun (Nissan), heavy trucks, wholesale and retail. I thought my career in parts was over. I love cars and motorcycles, and the new GTO brought me out of "retirement". GM and the rest of the automotive aftermarket have abandoned us. This is no secret. Engine and transmission parts will be around forever. But the suspension, brakes and differential are unique to this car. It shares nothing with anything else on US soil. I am not just selling suspension components.  Great prices only have value if the products are quality. You will see parts from me from many names you have never heard of. I don’t sell junk. Every part I sell, unless noted, has a warranty. Every product I sell is retailed throughout Australia. I wouldn’t hesitate to install any product I sell on my own car. My name may not be on the boxes but my reputation is. We all have different needs, one size doesn’t fit all. The one thing we can agree on is we love our cars. I look forward to helping everyone maintain the car of their dreams. As they say “down under”…….

Andy Kollar